The Final Girl


3.5/5 Stars

Summary: “Every night, four boys trick a young, blonde girl into meeting them in the forest for a date with the intention to hunt and kill her for sport. One night, Veronica is selected and little do they know she is a trained assassin with her own set of tricks for these boys. When the hunt begins, the boys soon realize that they messed with the wrong girl when she turns the tables on them.”

Movies like this is why I choose to ignore Netflix ratings.  On there it was only given 2 stars, which made me apprehensive to watch it, but I really don’t understand why.  I mean, I guess I do.  It’s not a “typical” movie.  The plot isn’t structured as a main stream movie is and it’s pretty dark.  But I like that.

The guy who carried the axe was amazing, and most likely the reason some people we’re completely turned off by the movie right away.  It was a fun character in contrast to the crazy things he was doing.

There was plenty of suspense and it had me drawn in the entire time.  The plot of a group of guys hunting people for sport, though not new, is an interesting one.  Where the movie did fail though was all its side plots.  Things were mentioned that had nothing to do with the movie and never were given any kind of conclusion.  From the beginning, it looked like it was going to go one way and then it just veered to the right and never went back.

I also have to just point out that I loved the cinematography of it.  Some of the shots just stood out and made me notice how interesting they looked, and I don’t usually do that. Plus they styling of it with the guys in the suits and her in the red dress, I thought it all just looked very nice.

For what it was though, it was enjoyable and definitely deserves more credit than others have given it.

Available on Netflix.


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