The Do-Over


3.5/5 Stars

Summary: “When two guys fake their owns deaths and assume the identify of two others, they quickly discover that those men are in deep trouble.”

The Do-Over was surprisingly a really fun movie to watch.  I put it on because I’d seen the trailer in the movie theatre and it looked entertaining enough.  I’m always saying how I miss the old comedy movies from the late 90’s-00’s, and this one kind of goes back in that direction!

Comedy aside, the movie actually has a decent storyline that isn’t too over the top.  That combined with Adam Sandler and David Spade’s comedy is a good mix.  The characters are funny, and I actually didn’t see all of the plot twists coming.

The movie is not going to leave you cry-laughing or anything like that, but if you’re a fan of Happy Maddison movies, you’ll want to give this one a watch.

Remember to tell me what you thought in the comments!!

Available on Netflix.


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