Black Dahlia


2.5/5 Stars

Summary: “Two cops in 1940s Los Angeles investigate the murder of a Hollywood starlet, and one puts his marriage in jeopardy by obsessing over the crime, while the other becomes involved with a woman from a prominent family, who happens to have an unsavory tie to the victim.”

I first have to say it was partly my fault I didn’t like this movie.  I decided to watch it based on the name alone, and I was thinking the story behind the Black Dahlia was COMPLETELY different.  Still not sure what I was thinking of, or if I just made something up, but it was far more interesting than this movie.

The plot seemed all over the place and the killer came out of no where.  In the beginning, you think the movie is going in one direction and then we get to the Black Dahlia herself, but there are already all these other things going on that get muddled together.

By the time it got to the end, two hours that felt like forever, I didn’t know what was going on.  I thought it was just me until I had a look at some of the reviews for the movie on imdb.

In my opinion, better to skip this one.

Available on HBO Go.


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