The Boss


3.5/5 Stars

Summary: “Wealthy CEO Michelle Darnell always gets her way, until she’s busted for insider trading and sent to federal prison. After leaving jail, Darnell finds herself broke, homeless and hated. Luckily, she tracks down former assistant Claire, the only person who’s willing to help. While staying with Claire and her young daughter, the ex-con devises a new business model for a brownie empire. Unfortunately, some old enemies stand in the way of her return to the top.”

When I had a look at the new movies added to Redbox, I saw The Boss and remembered how good the trailer looked back when it had first came out.  While is not really laugh out loud funny, especially since most of the funny parts were already in the trailer—surprise, surprise—I would say it is a fun watch.

The acting is good and Melissa McCarthy played a character a little different than what she usually gets cast as, which is definitely a plus for me.  Anyone else really tired of seeing her play the not put together, falling all the time person?  I’m sure she can do other things!

Anyway, the story was amusing, though pretty predictable.  It’s basically your typical comedy from the past few years: good for a few laughs but really not that memorable.


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