Unlocking the Truth


5/5 Stars

Summary: “Love, lust, murder, mystery, suspense…all the makings of a great dramatic story. The catch? It’s not a fictional story. It’s real life. This serialized documentary series follows the journey of alleged wrongfully convicted prisoners fighting for their freedom. We will navigate these cases in an effort to uncover the truth with the highest possible stakes – the lives and freedom of innocent people locked up for life, and the duty to honor the lives of those lost. This series takes an in-depth look into three criminal cases through the unique POV of Ryan Ferguson, who at 19 years old was convicted of a murder he didn’t commit.”

Guys, this show is my new obsession!  If you didn’t figure it out by the summary, it’s a reality show…well, more like a documentary, I guess.  After seeing the commercial five thousand times during one episode of Catfish, I decided to give it a try.  Now I wish the whole season was out already because I just want to binge it all at once.

So far, the show is following the story of two different guys who claim they were wrongfully convicted of pretty gruesome crimes, and I know from the preview of this coming week, anther one is going to be thrown into the mix.  You get to hear the different bits of evidence from the original trail, as well as the things that had been ignored.  They go and talk to the people involved and try and put together the big picture.

If the person currently serving time for the crime didn’t do it, who did, and how did they manage to get away with it for all these years?  The Innocence Project and figuring out the truth behind stuff like this has always been interesting to me, and I love that it is now a show!  I hope we are actually able to get some answers by the end of the season, but since it’s reality, who knows.

Watch this if you were as obsessed with the Serial podcast as I was!

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