Good Girls Revolt – Season 1


5/5 Stars

Get ready to be hooked on a new show.  Think of Good Girls Revolt as Mad Men meets the woman’s rights movement.  It’s so good, I promise.

The story follows the people working at News of the Week (a magazine) during the early 1970s.  The women of the mag are stuck working as researchers for the male writers, never given the opportunity to get their name in the byline—even if they were the ones that wrote it.  Throughout the season the girls work towards the beginning of changing that.

Each character in this series has a different thing to bring to the table.  I love each of their story lines, even the smaller ones from characters that aren’t in every episode.  From the Black Panthers to bad marriages to being a career woman, it’s got a bit of everything.  Even though it takes place in 1969/70, it really relates to things going on today.

The story is apparently based on true events, I don’t think the characters are real though.  I kept sneaking in episodes any chance I got though out the week and now I’m so sad that I have nothing left.

Go and watch this nows because I need to make sure it gets picked up for a second season!!!

Available on Amazon Prime.


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