Haters Back Off – Season 1


4.5/5 Stars

If you don’t already know who Miranda Sings is, where have you been?  She’s only a hugely popular channel on YouTube who now has her own Netflix show.  Truthfully, I’ve only seen a few of her videos before, and I thought the show would be kind of meh like (unfortunately) a lot of YouTuber shows/movies are.

But this is genuinely hilarious and well written.  If you liked Napoleon Dynamite, at least give Haters Back Off a try.  It kind of has that same feel to it with a bunch of misfits living together, thinking they are totally normal.

You’ve got Miranda who thinks she’s the world’s best singer (she’s not), her mother with undiagnosed Fibromyalgia, the too hands on uncle (played by Steve Little!), the normal (or at least trying to be) sister, and the boy next door (who may or may not be making a sculpture of popsicle sticks Miranda licked).  They are all amazing characters!

Aside from the humor, what makes this show so good is that it isn’t just a throwaway comedy.  As you get through the season there are some surprisingly serious undertones that make the characters so well rounded.  I would never have guessed the final episode would have been the way it was, but it was perfect.

Can’t wait till the next season and you need to go watch it.

Available on Netflix.


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