Love & Friendship


3/5 Stars

Summary: “In the 18th century, the seductive and manipulative Lady Susan uses devious tactics to win the heart of the eligible Reginald De Courcy”

I had high hopes for this movie, but ended up being a little disappointed.  Love & Friendship is kind of like a Jane Austin movie/book without all the dramatic romance…well actually, a different kind of dramatic romance.

The main character is manipulative and is out to take care of herself, not find true love.  It has some funny bits, interesting characters, and a lot of drama.  I think if I hadn’t been eagerly waiting to see this movie, I would have enjoyed it a bit more.  My expectations were just a bit too high.

I had trouble with how much back and forth there was in the movie.  Maybe it was the fact that I was watching in the car, but I kept feeling like it jumped around too much.  This person is doing this, but now there here and saying that.  And she likes him, but she’s also with that other guy…

From the first few minutes where each character was introduced with their name and a bit about them on the screen, I was a little lost.  I’d forgotten who half the people were by the time we were onto the next one, and not all of them were actually important.

I don’t know.  If you’d enjoy a period dramedy, give this one a try and let me know what you think.

Available on Amazon Prime.


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