3.5/5 Stars

I’m not even going to bother giving the summary of Easy because it would be much easier (ha) to just explain it.  This show is an anthology so each episode is completely different.  Some have reoccurring characters but all are about relationships in some kind of way.

I started watching this a while ago and then completely forgotten about it until the other day.  It’s a good light watching kind of show.  A quick half hour, you don’t even really have to watch them in order except for two of them.

Each story/episode is interesting and even if you aren’t hooked by the first few minutes, you will be by the end.  Which is where my problem with this series is.  The endings of the episodes aren’t satisfying and you really don’t get to see what happens to the characters after those 30 minutes.  Some of them I was like how could you leave it there?! I’m not ready for the next story.

Maybe if there is a second season, we will get to go back to each of these people and see what is going on in their lives.  Hopefully.

It’s a fun watch if you like romance but not in that overly romantic kind of way.

Available on Netflix.


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