Hey guys! So. My name is Allison and I’m obsessed with movies, television, and books.  I usually find a lot of really good things that I want to go and tell everyone about, but for the most part, my friends aren’t into the same things. So I figured I’d put them on here incase any of you out there are looking for something to watch or read. Honestly though, I came up with the idea to do this mostly for myself. Someone I follow on Tumblr posts the different movies she watches throughout the year and rates them and I just really liked the idea. Something to go back to later on and remember all the great stories, I guess. I don’t know.

Most importantly though, this is going to be very informal. I’m not going to spend hours thinking about what to write and making sure I have something new to post everyday or even week. I tried doing that and I just don’t always have the time. Posts will probably be short, but if you watch/read anything that I post about I would absolutely LOVE to hear what you thought about it. Leave comments, leave suggestions.

Oh yeah, my posts are also going to be spoiler free.  If for some reason I decide to post something with any sort of spoiler, I will make sure it’s obvious.

Let’s see how this goes.

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