Hello, My Name is Doris


5/5 Stars

Summary: “A self-help seminar inspires a sixty-something woman to romantically pursue her younger co-worker.”

You know when you love something so much it hurts?  That’s how I felt when watching this movie.  The whole beginning I had this big smile on my face because it was so funny and Doris is such an amazing character.  I wouldn’t have expected to like a movie about a woman in her 60’s so much.

I definitely related to her whole relationship struggle a little too much for someone who is only 25 though.  She fantasizes about how she wants conversations with John to go and they’re funny and perfect, and I may or may not do the same thing…  (So now you know how pathetic I am, congratulations)

Hello, My Name is Doris, is a roller coaster of emotions because one minute you’ll be laughing and the next it will turn kind of sad and serious.  It has so much going for it, you can’t help but enjoy.  Even the ending is perfect and not what I had been expecting.

This is a movie I would 100% watch again, which I don’t say too often anymore.  If you like character driven movies this is one you need to see.

Good Behavior


5/5 Stars

Summary: “Good Behavior centers on con artist Letty Raines and her inability — despite good intentions — to consistently live a clean life. Fresh out of prison, Letty attempts to reunite with her 10-year-old son and keep in regular contact with her parole officer, whose motives for helping her are questionable. But after she overhears a hit man being hired to kill a man’s wife, Letty sets out to derail the job and finds herself on a collision course with the killer, entangling herself in a dangerous and seductive relationship.”

Yes, that is Lady Mary from Downton Abbey and yes, you need to start watching Good Behavior like yesterday!

There have been 5 episodes so far, but I knew halfway into episode one that I was going to get hooked. The acting is great.  Characters, great.  I love the potential for where the story can go.

It’s a little dark and funny and you don’t always know what is going to happen next.  On any other channel, I would say it was a great show, but for it to be on TNT and this good surprised me.  I don’t think I’ve ever liked any of their shows before.

Good Behavior is based on a book series and now I’m stuck deciding if I want to read them now or wait for the show to get through a few seasons first.  If you’ve read any of them, let me know what you think!

Good Girls Revolt – Season 1


5/5 Stars

Get ready to be hooked on a new show.  Think of Good Girls Revolt as Mad Men meets the woman’s rights movement.  It’s so good, I promise.

The story follows the people working at News of the Week (a magazine) during the early 1970s.  The women of the mag are stuck working as researchers for the male writers, never given the opportunity to get their name in the byline—even if they were the ones that wrote it.  Throughout the season the girls work towards the beginning of changing that.

Each character in this series has a different thing to bring to the table.  I love each of their story lines, even the smaller ones from characters that aren’t in every episode.  From the Black Panthers to bad marriages to being a career woman, it’s got a bit of everything.  Even though it takes place in 1969/70, it really relates to things going on today.

The story is apparently based on true events, I don’t think the characters are real though.  I kept sneaking in episodes any chance I got though out the week and now I’m so sad that I have nothing left.

Go and watch this nows because I need to make sure it gets picked up for a second season!!!

Available on Amazon Prime.

The Guest


5/5 Stars

Summary: “A soldier introduces himself to the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their son who died in action. After the young man is welcomed into their home, a series of accidental deaths seem to be connected to his presence.”

YESSSSS! I freaking loved this movie.  Everything about it.  Forget reading the rest of this post, go watch it and then come back.  Make sure you leave a comment.  I’ll wait.

I can’t go any further into this post without talking about how hot Dan Steven’s is in this movie.  From his looks to his accent to his personality, it was almost distracting.  Going along with that though, I am obsessed with his character of David.  He’s a perfectly written psychopath who is charming and scary, ughhh.

Then there’s the style of the movie.  It’s got a retro 80’s feel with the synth pop music and something in the way the characters move at times.  I loved it, and for someone who tries to avoid the 80’s like the plague, that says a lot.

The acting is truly on point and the writing is right up there with it.  It had me laughing, and hanging on every moment throughout.  The perfect blend of humor and action.  There aren’t many movies I’d happily watch over again, but this is 100% one of them.  I’d also kill for a sequel.

Watch this movie if you are into action thrillers that aren’t your typical good guy chases down bad guy.

Available on Netflix.

Unlocking the Truth


5/5 Stars

Summary: “Love, lust, murder, mystery, suspense…all the makings of a great dramatic story. The catch? It’s not a fictional story. It’s real life. This serialized documentary series follows the journey of alleged wrongfully convicted prisoners fighting for their freedom. We will navigate these cases in an effort to uncover the truth with the highest possible stakes – the lives and freedom of innocent people locked up for life, and the duty to honor the lives of those lost. This series takes an in-depth look into three criminal cases through the unique POV of Ryan Ferguson, who at 19 years old was convicted of a murder he didn’t commit.”

Guys, this show is my new obsession!  If you didn’t figure it out by the summary, it’s a reality show…well, more like a documentary, I guess.  After seeing the commercial five thousand times during one episode of Catfish, I decided to give it a try.  Now I wish the whole season was out already because I just want to binge it all at once.

So far, the show is following the story of two different guys who claim they were wrongfully convicted of pretty gruesome crimes, and I know from the preview of this coming week, anther one is going to be thrown into the mix.  You get to hear the different bits of evidence from the original trail, as well as the things that had been ignored.  They go and talk to the people involved and try and put together the big picture.

If the person currently serving time for the crime didn’t do it, who did, and how did they manage to get away with it for all these years?  The Innocence Project and figuring out the truth behind stuff like this has always been interesting to me, and I love that it is now a show!  I hope we are actually able to get some answers by the end of the season, but since it’s reality, who knows.

Watch this if you were as obsessed with the Serial podcast as I was!

Mad Dogs (US)


5/5 Stars

Summary: “A group of guys travel to Belize to see an old friend, when things take an unexpectedly dark turn.”

I’m so glad I finally watched this show!  Mad Dogs had been sitting in my watch list basically since it came out and I just kept putting it off, not sure if I really wanted to watch it.  Over the weekend, I thought I’d finally give it a try, and then I ended up watching the entire season in 5 days.  Oops.

From the first episode, you’re hooked, wanting to figure out what it is that’s really going on.  How did a simple vacation turn into all of that?  The show is not perfect and it’s not the type that I would rewatch, but it was a great ride.  All four of the main characters are interesting and you root for them while also yelling at them for being so stupid.

For some reason, Amazon chose not to pick the show up for a second season (seriously though, why?) but thankfully, the ending was still satisfying.  I mean, it really didn’t need a second season, I thought it was meant to be a miniseries until just before writing this post.

I also just found out this is an American remake of a British show.  I am a little curious, but  I don’t know if I want to go back and watch such similar shows back to back.  If any of you have seen both or just the original version, let me know if I should watch it.

Available on Amazon Prime.

Stranger Things


5/5 Stars

Summary: “Joyce Byers lives in a small Indiana town in 1983 — inspired by a time when tales of science fiction captivated audiences. When Joyce’s 12-year-old son, Will, goes missing, she launches a terrifying investigation into his disappearance with local authorities. As they search for answers, they unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments, unnerving supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl.”

If you haven’t already heard of Netflix’s new series, Stranger Things, I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life.  I was hearing about this show EVERYWHERE last week, so I decided to give it a try.  All it takes is one episode to get hooked…much less than a whole episode, really.

It takes place in the 80’s with a ton of throwbacks to all the old sci-fi movies from back then, which I’ve never really watched, but still enjoyed the show.  The story is great, constantly leaving you trying to figure out what could possibly be coming next.  And it’s creepy.  Very creepy, think the early seasons of Supernatural.

When the show was first released, I saw that some of the main characters were kids and thought it would be cheesy and they would be annoying like kids in these types of shows sometimes tend to be.  But they aren’t.  The actors did a great job and the writing keeps the show feeling like those old 80’s movies without it feeling like it was made back then, if that makes sense.

There are only 8 episodes in this first season, but don’t worry, it’s been picked up for a second.  The finale will leave you wanting more, trust me.

What are you waiting for?  Go watch the season and get back here and tell me what you think about the ending!  I need more people to talk to.

Available on Netflix.