The Lobster


4/5 Stars

Summary: “David has just been dumped by his wife. To make matters worse, David lives in a society where single people have 45 days to find true love, or else they are turned into the animal of their choice and released into the woods. David is kept at the mysterious HOTEL while he searches for a new partner, and after several romantic misadventures decides to make a daring escape to abandon this world. He ultimately joins up with a rebel faction known as The Loners, a group founded on a complete rejection of romance. But once there David meets an enigmatic stranger who stirs up unexpected and strong feelings within him.”

Time for me to binge watch all the movies nominated for Oscars this year…well not all of them, but the ones that look interesting.

Before looking through the different noms, I’d never even heard of The Lobster.  I feel like a lot of the time those are the best ones because they haven’t been hyped up, but are still going to be that kind of movie that’s a little weird yet good.  Does that make sense?

Because this movie is weird.

I mean, come on, people get turned into animals if they don’t find the person they want to marry after staying in a hotel for a few weeks.  I’d love to know who came up with this idea and why!

The Lobster has a dry sense of comedy that is a little bit dark at times.  It embodies the feel of an independent movie, meaning do not watch this if you only like traditional storytelling.  It’s interesting because it’s almost like two movies put together.  The first half focuses on David at this hotel and the other main character isn’t introduced until the second half.

I started watching Black Mirror recently, and I’d say if you’re into that, you’ll definitely enjoy this movie.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

The Guest


5/5 Stars

Summary: “A soldier introduces himself to the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their son who died in action. After the young man is welcomed into their home, a series of accidental deaths seem to be connected to his presence.”

YESSSSS! I freaking loved this movie.  Everything about it.  Forget reading the rest of this post, go watch it and then come back.  Make sure you leave a comment.  I’ll wait.

I can’t go any further into this post without talking about how hot Dan Steven’s is in this movie.  From his looks to his accent to his personality, it was almost distracting.  Going along with that though, I am obsessed with his character of David.  He’s a perfectly written psychopath who is charming and scary, ughhh.

Then there’s the style of the movie.  It’s got a retro 80’s feel with the synth pop music and something in the way the characters move at times.  I loved it, and for someone who tries to avoid the 80’s like the plague, that says a lot.

The acting is truly on point and the writing is right up there with it.  It had me laughing, and hanging on every moment throughout.  The perfect blend of humor and action.  There aren’t many movies I’d happily watch over again, but this is 100% one of them.  I’d also kill for a sequel.

Watch this movie if you are into action thrillers that aren’t your typical good guy chases down bad guy.

Available on Netflix.

In Lieu of Flowers


4/5 Stars

Summary: “Eric and Rachel, two strangers recovering from heartbreak, meet by chance and embark on an unconventional friendship. Together they emerge from their ruts, but their friendship becomes more complicated as it develops into something more.”

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, it should be obvious that I am a sucker for indie rom-coms.  They’re usually a safe bet when I just want something to get lost in for couple hours.  In Lieu of Flowers was exactly what I wanted it to be.

It was sad and hopeful, funny and serious, it’s a love story…but not really.  It’s a story of loss and how to find yourself again afterwards.  The main characters are great and believable.  You want them to figure it out and love to see the little steps forward they take throughout the movie.

Eric’s friends in the movie are pretty pointless and it would’ve been no different if they had been taken out completely, maybe with the exception of Tony who didn’t bother me like the other two.  I’m guessing they were supposed to be like the comic relief…I just thought they were more annoying than funny.

The ending is another one that leaves something to the imagination, but it works.  It felt right after everything Rachel and Eric had been through.

Add this movie to your watch list for the next time you’re looking for something that’ll take you along for the ride.  Watch it with no expectations as to what’s going to happen, I feel like these types of movies are always better that way.

Available on Amazon Prime.

Midnight Special


2.5/5 Stars

Summary: “The government and a group of religious extremists pursue a man and his son, a young boy who possesses special powers”

The summary of Midnight Special, as short as it is, sounds like it’d make an exciting movie. Even with it being indie, I thought it looked like it had a lot of potential.  Unfortunately, that potential didn’t follow through for me.  What a surprise since critics loved it…

The movie started jumping right into the action, except it wasn’t that action packed.  It was slow and I was trying to put together all the pieces of what was going on, but not that much was really happening at the same time.  You come to understand through the movie that a lot of important stuff happened before the movie even started that is only talked about here and there.  I would have LOVED to see all that.  This movie needed a much stronger beginning and something, anything would’ve done that.

As I got further into the movie, I was liking it a bit more.  Still not loving it, but hoping that at some point it would all come together to make something great.  The characters seemed like they had interesting stories to tell, but they weren’t being told.  There is this whole religious cult which these people fled from and we don’t get to see or hear much of what their lives had been like.  I didn’t really care if they did what they were trying to do or not.

Then there was the ending.  All of a sudden you get what they’re trying to do and then it’s done.  It ends just like it starts, in the wrong spot.  The movie was already 2 hours long, and I don’t expect (or want) it to have been longer, but a scene or two in the beginning and the end to have it all make sense and feel complete would’ve helped in my opinion.

Have you seen Midnight Special and loved it?  Let me know in the comments.

Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong


3/5 Stars

Summary: “A Chinese-American visitor and an American expat who spend a night together in Hong Kong reconnect a year later and start falling for each other.”

I really enjoy these types of movies that are essentially just a day in the life of the characters.  They’re slower paced and don’t exactly have your typical story arch, but that’s what I love about them.  Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, isn’t a movie I will be dying to watch again, but it is one that I was able to get lost in for a little over an hour.

While the storyline is not something new, the two main characters are what keeps you watching.  They’re likable and fun to watch with their “will they/won’t they” back and forth.

My only real problem with the movie was the ending.  I absolutely hate endings that just end without an answer.  It’s gotten to the point where it is done too much in movies, and not in a way that usually works.

Next time you need a nice little distraction, check this movie out and let me know what you thought!

Available on Netflix.



4/5 Stars

Summary: “An attempt to negotiate a truce between his bitterly divorced parents sends a man (Adam Scott) back to his childhood therapist, where he learns he was the subject of her self-help book.”

ACOD stands for Adult Children of Divorce, which I thought was an interesting plot for a movie – not something that we have really seen a million times.  That and the fact that Adam Scott as the main character was enough to get me to give this movie a try.

I have to say, this is a fun movie to watch when  you’re in the mood for something strictly entertaining.  There are funny moments with some dark realities behind some of what is being said, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  It has a whole cast of familiar faces, with some I would’ve like to see more of.

I feel like this movie will also hit home more for people who actually are adult children of divorce (which I’m not), but either way you can still find the movie enjoyable.

Available on Netflix.

In Your Eyes


5/5 Stars

Summary: “Two strangers on opposite ends of the country have a telepathic bond that lets each other see what the other sees, a deep connection that leads to love.”

Didn’t really know what to expect from this movie, but I ended up really loving it.  The idea of having another person somewhere that sees and feels what you are would actually be amazing.  It’s not one of those cheesy love stories, but one that will kind of stick with you. The ending did seem a bit rushed, but I was already so in love with the story that it didn’t matter.

I had no idea it was written by Joss Whedon until I looked up that image, which I never would of guessed. Hey Joss, this needs a sequel!

Available on Netflix.